Iselin’s Disease

What is Iselin’s Disease?
Pain around the base of the little toe (5th metatarsal) that may radiate down the lateral (outside) of the foot. Commonly a sharp/aching sometimes ‘bruised’ type of pain. This is often associated with localized swelling and redness. Pain typically gets worse with activity occasionally resulting in a ‘limp’.

Who gets Iselin’s Disease? […]

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Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicure

Is having a fish pedicure safe?

In the last five years, spas around the world have copied the Asian trend of providing tanks of fish to nibble away the dead skin on heels and feet. Pedicures are generally performed by the Garra Rufa breed of fish. These are a small fish, black or dark fawn in […]

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Foot Examination / Diagnosis

Foot Examination / diagnosis by a podiatrist.
Medicine in general and podiatry specifically have become increasingly high tech in recent years. Personally, I think that, with more technology, we are at risk of forgetting the basic tenets of diagnosis. The physical exam used to involve putting your hands on your patients, testing the range and quality […]

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Preventing Fungal infection of Toenails

Preventing fungal infection of toenails
& Nail care after laser treatment
Fungal spores are a natural part of everyone’s skin flora.  No matter what you do, these bugs are everywhere all the time. However, it is important for the prevention of infection (or re-infection) that you control the numbers of fungi in your environment, even if we […]

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Can bad feet cause headaches?

Can bad feet cause headaches ?

If you regularly suffer from headaches on days involving a lot of standing or walking, it is possible that poor foot mechanics can be the cause.

Each day, we walk and stand on hard unyielding surfaces.  Our feet have a natural method of absorbing shock  which is hampered by excessive foot […]

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What is Sinus Tarsi Syndrome?

What is Sinus Tarsi Syndrome?

The sinus tarsi is a bony canal inside the foot.  It runs roughly crossways (like left to right) just in front of the outside ankle bone.  If you feel that area, you will find a deeper spot where you can push your finger further inwards than in the bony areas that […]

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Outside Ankle Pain / Subtalar Joint Pain

Outside Ankle pain: Lateral Subtalar Joint Impingement

There is a common condition that causes pain in the area just forward of the outside ankle bone. If you poke around this area, you will find a deeper spot where you can push your finger further inwards than in the bony areas that surround it. This is the […]

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Will I need an X-ray to show Sever’s disease?

Should I get an X-ray for Sever’s disease?

Generally, the answer is no.  A diagnosis of Sever’s Disease is usually strongly based on the history of the problem and tests a podiatrist will perform when they assess the child.  The main reason x-ray is not relied upon is because early signs of the condition are not […]

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What is Buerger’s Disease / Thromboangiitis Obliterans?

Buerger’s Disease or Thromboangiitis Obliterans

Buerger’s Disease is a reasonably rare condition in which the small blood vessels of the hands and feet are occluded (or blocked) by inflammation of the vessels.  This inflammation is called vasculitis.  The reduced flow of blood will cause pain in the short term.  If it continues for a long enough […]

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Shoe Shape & Pressure Corns

If you have corns on the little toes or in between the 3rd & 4th  or  4th & 5th toes, chances are the pressure corns are due to one of two things going on.  Perhaps your shoe is too tight for your foot. If this is the case, you will have probably worked it out for yourself. […]

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